5 reasons why Amusement Parks are the happiest place on Earth..

Here are the top 5 reason’s why Amusement & Water Parks will leave you with happiness forever…

  • You can forget your worries and be a child again.


  • You don’t need to follow a dress code or a code of conduct, the crazier the better ..


  • You can actually spend quality time with your parents or children. A very good way for families & friends to bond with each other and create beautiful memories.

  • Water therapy – simple solution to all the worries especially the scotching heat of summers.

  • Adventure is good for soul and Theme parks are a safe way to enjoy thrill in your life.

When on a wave pool or aqua dive, you are scared at the beginning and its amazing how you overcome your fears towards the end and just want to do it again. It makes people more fearless and competitive.



Uttarakhand’s largest Entertainment Destination ..

CRYSTAL WORLD is a place for small and big alike,

for adventurous as well as simple recreational rides,

when you come out to get wet and play,

you will find us making your happiest day….

Source: Uttarakhand’s largest Entertainment Destination ..